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Josh Crost

"The things I learned at College Works Painting really helped me have a better focus and understanding of how to approach my tasks at the position I currently hold and I thank you for that!"

Grace Ding

"I want to thank College Works Painting for the experience it provided me. In all of my interviews, I have been using experiences from College Works to answer questions and I've realized how valuable doing the internship was."

Matt McKee

"I was a branch manager in the Geneva/Batavia area back in the Summer of 2004. The College Works’ internship program was very beneficial and provided those who applied themselves, with some great business lessons. I used many of my experiences from College Works Painting during my situational questions in my interviews. Thanks for letting me be a part of College Works Painting Illinois."

Mohammed Esmail

"I did College Works Painting during the summer of 2004 after my freshman year, College Works Painting was an extremely valuable learning experience for me, and I think it may have given me the taste for entrepreneurship that some people can never do without once they have been exposed to it."

Brian Nardi

"This internship really takes a special kind of individual, you need to be driven, self-motivated, able to hit goals, and most importantly you must have a great deal of integrity. This internship is not for the lazy, or for those who don't like challenges. It is for the future CEO's of America."

Matt Stevens

"College Works changed my life, before the internship I was on track to being an unhappy high school history teacher. Now I find that I have discovered a measure of untapped and unknown talent that I can directly apply to the business field. I owe that to College Works, for giving me the opportunity to change my own path and influence others for good."

Success Stories

College Works is proud that many of our past interns have gone on to become successful in new endeavors. These professionals were once a part of the College Works Painting family, and have since graduated and moved on to fulfilling their personal goals and ambitions. These individuals have taken the skills and experience they acquired from College Works and applied it to real life, setting them apart from their peers. Continue reading to find out what they have been up to.

Seth Bailey

Seth won Utah's "Top 40 under 40" award. Itok provides a solution for broadband service providers to deliver premium technical support direct to individuals securely through the Internet. "College Works was an opportunity early in my professional career that gave me a way to try my hand at entrepreneurship... (I am grateful for)the passion it ignited in me for entrepreneurship."

Jason Brown

Booth Merit Scholar at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, America's top ranked MBA (BusinesWeek). Prior to business school, he co-founded iTOK with two College Works "alums." "College Works Paiting was THE defining moment in my career, more so for what I learned, than for the fact that I maintained a solid academic focus despite the demanding work load. CWP accelerated my career and my growth as a leader by 5-10 years. I recommend CWP to anyone who feels they are ready for the ultimate leadership experience."

Nick Eaves

President of Woddbine Entertainment Group's business and operations includs its two Toronto area racetracks and the various distribution channels which WEG uses to disseminate its horse racing product. "The skills I developed running my own Student Painting Business for two years have been the difference over the past 20 years as I built my career."

Steve Johnson

Founder/Managing Partner of New Deal Property Solutions, LLC a real estate investment and development company based in Huston Texas. "I enjoy my life because I get to do what I love for a living on my terms and schedule. I owe much of this happiness to my experience in the College Works Painting internship."

Matt Landauer

Founder/ CEO ProWorks Flooring, Inc. Tile and hardwood floor installation, refinish, and repair. "College Works was the toughest and the most fun job I ever had."

Sean Miller

Vice-President, DirectPointe a national IT outsourcing provider that was recently rated the #1 managed service provider in the world. "I have sold two companies and I am not yet 30. I am thankful to College Works Painting for helping me develop the skills necessary to exceed my career dreams."

Mike Profant

Co-Founder/CEO, Empire Community Painting one of the largest architectural coatings firms in North America. "I had many jobs in high school and college. All prepared me for more similar jobs. My experience at College Works Painting set me apart and opened doors for me that I did not know existed."

Jason Waybright

Waybright Financial Group services high-net worth individuals, specializing in the creation of charitable trusts for those wanting to give back through philanthropy. "I was amazed at the direct correlation between my experience "painting houses" and my current career as the owner of a financial services company."

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