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Is College Works Painting A Scam?

A lot of skeptics hear of the College Works Painting internship program and think only one thing: SCAM! Students, parents, and homeowners are warned to be aware, that the program is nothing but a rip-off, workers are unprofessional, and students won’t gain anything but headache.

College Works Painting was founded in 1993, and has expanded every year since, hiring more and more university students to work as interns, managers, and district managers. The number of houses painted has also increased over time, as well as the number of satisfied customers. College Works Painting works hard each and every year to ensure quality and professionalism. We do this through a meticulous interview and screening process of applicants across college campuses.

While the College Works values of courtesy, professionalism, responsibility, and growth are expected to be maintained by the corporate office and on further throughout the many divisions of the internship, it is the responsibility of each and every College Works Painting intern and employee to adhere to the values and be accountable in their pursuits. Student are expected to maintain high academic marks, as well as integrity in their work ethic.

A number of achievements and accomplishments have been credited to the time spent working with College Works by many who have gone on to establish and maintain successful enterprises. Those accomplishments are why College Works Painting continues to look for ways to improve and grow, by addressing the infrequent concerns of those who have had unpleasant dealings when working with a College Works intern or manager.

We at College Works Painting stand by the past 16 years of work and involvement in the various communities we paint in. From sponsoring local charities, to aiding nationally recognized organizations, College Works takes seriously the opportunity to help make lives a little easier.

To address the concerns associated with the word scam, College Works respects the notion that a scam involves a win lose situation for the people involved, and generally recognizes the company as the winner and the homeowner as the loser. At College Works, if the homeowner isn’t completely satisfied, neither are we. If the intern doesn’t make any profit, neither does the company.

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